Trident Sludge Dewatering Equipment in WEF Buyer's Guide
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Trident Sludge Dewatering Equipment in the WEF Buyer’s Guide

Abbotsford, BC – January 30th 2018  If you are a wastewater treatment professional, whether you are part of the operations team at the treatment plant or a wastewater engineer, you are likely familiar with the WEF Buyer’s Guide. Trident’s sludge thickening and sludge dewatering technologies are listed in the 2018 WEF Buyer’s Guide. You can also request information on the Trident Wave Separator (sludge thickening) or the Trident MD Press (sludge dewatering) directly through our website or call 1.800.799.3740 for details.

WEF buyer's guide

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