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Bedding Recovery Solutions

Dairy farmers who produce their own bedding save big

The Trident Bedding Recovery process allows dairy farmers to produce their own bedding directly on their farm. A sequence of treatment steps conditions and extracts the large fibers from the dairy cow manure and converts the organic materials into premium bedding that is ready for immediate use in the barns. Eliminating the need for off-farm bedding purchases, makes the Trident Bedding Recovery System an economically attractive option. It also puts the farmers in control of their bedding supply management.

The Trident Bedding Recovery System does a great job in conditioning and capturing the coarse fibers. It eliminates the fine manure particles and produces a truly premium bedding that is safe and enhances cow comfort.

The Trident Bedding Recovery Process works with different manure collection methods like flushing, scraping or vacuuming, as well as with raw or anaerobically digested manure.

The first step in the process is the conditioning of the manure with the internally fed Trident Rotary Screen Conditioner. Recycled process water is used to wash the unwanted small particles out – a key step in the Trident process. Only the large fiber is extracted and then gravity fed into the hopper of the Trident Screw Press for dewatering. The result is a quality bedding product that provides that provides the desirable characteristics dairy farmers are looking for.


The simple yet effective system design requires low power, low maintenance and minimal operator oversight.


Rotary screen and screw press come in a stacked layout requiring less footprint than most comparable systems.


The system’s modular design allows for cost efficient expansion as herd size and farm grow.


The equipment is designed specifically for on-farm use and ensures reliable separation performance and longevity.


The system can be set up for PLC controlled operation including integration of the feed pump.


Most of the components are manufactured from stainless steel, adding value to the system.

Trident Bedding Recovery System

Image: The bedding that is produced by the Trident Bedding Recovery System is ready to be put back in the stalls the same day. Controlling their own bedding supply is a huge benefit for many dairy farmers.

The Trident Bedding System combines industry leading design and highest quality components. Stainless steel platforms, railings and maintenance provisions are standard. The automations package is set up for the specific conditions on the farm and ensures efficient manure treatment around the clock.

Manufactured bedding vs dried manure solids

Other treatment methods that simply squeeze the manure to drain the water and leave a high percentage of the small particles in the dried manure, can create challenges in the barn. Finer particles are more likely to cling to teat skin, and bedding compaction reduces cow comfort.


Bedding coming off the Trident Bedding Recovery system is referred to as manufactured bedding. The material is fluffy with many air pockets, offering a comfortable resting surface while providing better climate regulation and excellent drainage for liquids. Manufactured bedding also provides enough bedding material to allow farmers to bed deep and bed often, a key component to keeping cows healthy, comfortable and productive.

To learn more about cow comfort and herd health aspects, read our article on Dried Manure Solids as bedding.

Safety and maintenance provisions

The Trident Bedding Recovery System is installed with durable stainless steel platforms, railings and stair cases. The components are designed with safety and ease of maintenance in mind. Features like removable safety railings or the I-Beam combined with the screen removal tool can make the operations manager’s work a lot easier.

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