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Net-zero and resource recovery solutions by Trident TNZ


Enhanced sustainability and performance for industrial and agricultural waste treatment.

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Solutions That Matter Economically And Environmentally

Trident TNZ provides circular resource recovery solutions for livestock producers, creating pathways to net-zero agriculture, as well as regenerative wastewater and sludge treatment solutions for a variety of sectors including agri-food or municipal applications.

60 Billion Gallons

of water that we’ve helped our clients save.

Trident customers have recycled over 10,000 tons NPK nutrients.

They eliminate 80% of their waste related transportation.

And generate 65% less methane emissions from their livestock waste.

Energy efficient systems generate significant cost savings.

Trident customers benefit from improved operational performance. Whether it is more efficient material handling and storage, reduced transportation costs or the ability to recycle large portions of process water for their facilities – Trident systems play a key role in the management of many waste related processes. Our customer are also disruptive leaders when it comes to the environmental performance of their operations. Especially livestock operations that use Trident resource recovery technologies generate remarkable eco system benefits that impact environmental resources beyond their local communities.

Leading Expertise in Wastewater Treatment

Trident MD press sludge dewatering

Sludge Dewatering

The MD Press excels in demanding sludge applications. Effective solids capture and impressive dewatering performance paired with exceptionally low operating costs have made the MD a favorite among operators and their CFOs. …more

Trident Wave sludge thickening

Sludge Thickening

The Wave Separator is a truly impressive sludge treatment technology. Its innovative operating principals ensure unmatched sludge thickening performance across many municipal and industrial applications. …more

Nutrient recovery system

Nutrient Recovery

Effective manure management and nutrient recovery has become an incredibly important aspect of dairy farming. The ability to manage NPK levels is important for soil health, productive crops and good water quality. …more

Solid liquid separators

Manure Separation

Separators for livestock operations are an effective way to manage the solids loading on farms or to recycle organic fiber for bedding. The rotary screen is a proven and affordable technology to achieve this. …more

And Many Other Applications

Municipal Wastewater

Oil & Gas


Dairy Farms

Hog Farms

Livestock Truck Washout

Food Processing

Pulp & Paper

Mobile Treatment


Algae Treatment

Paint & Chemicals

Why Clients Trust Trident

Highest Quality Standards

Designed for longevity and to withstand harshest conditions.

Excellent Project Management

We have the know-how to properly execute complex projects.

Great Support

A network of specialists provides effective support.

“We are very impressed with Trident. They came and did what they said they would do, at the price they had quoted, and they did it within the promised timeline.”

Fair Oaks Farms

“Even with our wide range of sludge concentration going into the press, the Trident MD impresses with its reliable performance.”

Plant Operator
Potato Products of Idaho

“The Trident press does a great job for us. It performs well and requires very little maintenance.”

Farm Manager
Seabreeze Farms


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