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DAF Dissolved Air Flotation

Effective fine-solid separation with DAF technology

The DAF Dissolved Air Flotation Unit is used as thickening technology. It separates suspended organic material using infused micronized air bubbles that float flocculated solid particles to the surface. The floating particles form a layer of concentrated sludge on the surface which is skimmed off by a rake assembly and then sent to further dewatering downstream. This technology can be used in a variety of industrial or municipal applications. To see how this technology is incorporated in the Trident Nutrient Recovery process visit Trident on YouTube.

Trident DAF Dissolved Air Flotation

Image: The Trident DAF system is used for fine-solids separation of liquid manure waste and ideal for nutrient recovery. 

The treatment with a Dissolved Air Flotation tank requires the use of polymer, which is introduced with a Polymer Hydration Unit prior to the DAF.

Once the feedstock is received in the DAF tank, air and water are brought together in the mix tube assembly creating a dissolved solution which is then released into the tank. As the micro air bubbles rise they transport the solids to the surface where they form a sludge layer. The rake system skims the solids into the sludge through from where it typically gravity-flows  to a sludge dewatering device like the MD Press. The clarified effluent is recycled back to the plant headworks or e.g. to flush tanks when used on a dairy.

To be able to address the challenges of manure treatment on farms, e.g. in form of residual sand or fiber that can build up, the Trident DAF tank features a pitch-bottom design and a bottom cleaning system. This helps manage the heavy solids effectively.

Dissolved Air Flotation DAF

Image: The smallest model, the DAF 50, processes up to 50 gpm.

Dissolved Air Flotation Unit

Image: Safety provisions and catwalk are standard features. 

Features and benefits

  • Stainless steel construction for long-life operation
  • Low-horsepower low-speed rake assembly with s.s. flights and durable UHMW lips for longevity
  • Corrosion resistant UHMW chain with s.s. pins for durable performance
  • Double sided chain tension system for easy maintenance
  • Bottom cleaning system to effectively manage heavy solids
  • DAF tanks come pre-fabricated with bold-on catwalk kit for easy placement onsite and installation
  • E-stop and safety guards improve work safety for operators

The Trident Dissolved Air Flotation unit is available in different sizes: 50 sqft, 100 sqft, 200 sqft and 400 sqft surface area. The largest single unit (400 model) processes up to 400 gal/min.

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