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Resource recovery expertise

Every day our clients contribute to a healthier planet. Over 60 BILLION GALLONS of water have been recycled with Trident treatment solutions.

Interested in specific projects?

If you’d like to learn about some of our past projects, contact your Trident representative and request a case study.

Sludge dewatering press with built-in redundancy

The MD 313 sludge press has a recommended sludge processing capacity of approx. 25 to 135 gpm and is equipped with three dewatering cylinders that can be individually controlled.

Liquid waste separation in food processing plant

A potato producer uses a Trident Separator to remove organic solids from their plant’s liquid waste stream and recycles clarified effluent water for their operation.

Challenging sludge in oil & gas industry

Oily sludge presents many treatment challenges and can render belt presses or centrifuges as inadequate. A Colorado based O&G operation chooses the Trident’s MD Press and ensures efficient treatment.

WWTP dewaters sludge

In many wastewater plants sludge thickening and dewatering are critical treatment steps prior to the solids disposal. Effective solids capture and the removal of water reduce the plant’s disposal costs.

Small sludge press offers big benefits

Effective sludge treatment to manage disposal costs can be a challenge for remote or mobile applications with lower flow rates. Trident’s MD Press models 101/131/132/202 are the ideal solution for the 1-20 gpm treatment range.

Enhancing farm based biogas facilities

With a growing number of dairy farm biogas projects the need emerges for suitable treatment solutions that enhance the performance of farm based anaerobic digesters.

Clean water and improved environmental footprint for 18,000 cow dairy

A large dairy in the Western United States improves it’s lagoon storage and carbon-intensity score with Trident’s integrated manure treatment and resource recovery system.

Cost effective nutrient recovery at 300 cow dairy

One of the first commercial nutrient recovery systems in North American is installed on a family run 300 cow dairy in British-Columbia’s Greater Vancouver area.

Dairy farm invests in cow comfort with bedding recovery

A 7,000 cow Indiana dairy farm processes their manure to manufactured bedding, lowering the farm’s operating expenses and keeping their cows happy.

Manure treatment for Canadian dairies

A robust and efficient manure treatment solution that addresses fiber recovery and secondary treatment for water and phosphorus recovery, designed to meet the needs of many Canadian dairy farms.

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