TNZ manure treatment recovers water and nutrients from dairy manure
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TNZ Water & Nutrient Recovery

Welcome to a new generation of zero-waste manure management

As the global leader in integrated manure treatment technologies Trident provides farmers around the world a net-zero waste solution that bridges the gap between economic objectives and environmental performance. The TNZ™ System is a powerful platform that enables farmers to utilize the valuable components from manure while improving their operation’s carbon-intensity score. The TNZ Manure Treatment System is the only fully scalable manure treatment solution suitable for any farm size.

The dairy industry recognizes the opportunities that advanced manure treatment creates. The Trident Net Zero™ System does exactly that. It unlocks operational efficiency gains while reducing the operation’s carbon footprint.

TNZ Manure Treatment recovers water and nutrients from dairy manure
Manure treatment converts manure to clean effluent water
Manure treatment recovers organic fiber from dairy manure

Renewable Resources Promote Regenerative Farming


Unmatched solids removal delivers clean effluent for flushing, sand reclamation or high efficiency irrigation.


The TNZ system extracts and concentrates nutrients. The phosphorus capture rate is over 80%.


The industry leading fine-solids capture rate ensures improved lagoon storage without solids buildup.


Reduced CH4 emission and better carbon footprint result in higher Low Carbon Fuel credits.


The integrated automation ensures optimal performance based on real time flow and solids data.


Efficiency gains in many areas of the operation ensure an excellent return on investment.

Industry Benchmark In Solids Capture

The TNZ™ System uses an effective multi-stage treatment process that ensures the highest solids capture. It is the only proven technology capable of effectively processing a farm’s entire manure flow.

The TNZ Manure Treatment System also sets benchmarks in the water quality category. Its ability to deliver effluent with the lowest suspended solids rate is second to none in the industry.

Eliminate solids buildup in lagoons

Recover NPK nutrients

Automated operation

Enable farm growth on existing land

Recycle 95% of water

Reduce transportation by 80%

Improve sand reclaimation

Increase crop yield

Meet NMP requirements

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