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Trident Rotary Screen Separator

Rotary Screen ensures effective separation and low maintenance

The Trident Rotary Screen Separator is specifically designed for screening, conditioning and separating solids from liquid waste. This internally fed drum screen separator suits many applications in the industrial and agricultural wastewater sector. It combines high abrasion resistance, exceptional flow characteristics and effective solids removal with a robust and reliable equipment design. Different screen opening options ensure the most effective separation results for every application. The latest generation of Trident Rotary Screen (RSC) separators features a non-corrosive chain drive system with top mounted motor and gearbox, along with an improved and reinforced chassis. A high efficiency spray bar system is activated as needed and reduces screen clogging for consistent material processing rates. The RSC Separator is available in two sizes: the standard RSC 900 with a 36” diameter drum and the RSC 1200 with a 48” diameter drum for high-capacity applications.

rotary screen separator

The quality built Rotary Screen is an affordable separator for a wide range of screening applications in the industrial and agricultural wastewater sector.   

rotary screen separator chain drive

A corrosion resistant non-metallic chain drive eliminates slipping delivering high torque turning power. The latest RSC generation features a top-mounted motor and gearbox.

rotary screen separator access door

Quality stainless steel construction ensures exceptional wear resistance. The RSC is a great choice for livestock waste separation and works with all bedding types, in scrape, flush or flush flume manure.


Food Processing: Cleaning fruits and vegetables prior to processing, in meat processing plants or for the reduction of BOD and TSS in the plant’s wastewater discharge. Flow capacities up to 2500 gpm depending upon solids content and screen size.

Sewage and Septic: Effective at removing non organic materials and hair from septic, sewage and digester waste. When set up as a permanent receiving station, the Rotary Screen has been proven to reduce a plant’s waste sludge handling costs by up to 30%.

Animal Waste: Suitable for all types of manure and bedding including sand. The Rotary Screen is great for manure separation and provides outstanding performance in both flush and scrape manure. It delivers superior capacities, exceptional solids capture and trouble-free long life operation. To see how the Rotary Screen works on a dairy farm visit Trident on YouTube. The Trident Rotary Screen also suits farms with biogas systems as a thickening and dewatering unit pre digester. Trident also offers a screw press that is capable of dewatering the separated solids.

Trident Rotary Screen Conditioner for dairy manure separation

Livestock producers use the Trident Rotary Screen for standalone solid-liquid separation, or integrated as part of the Trident Bedding System.

Features and benefits

  • Non-corrosive NH78 chain drive for smooth, low vibration rotation with maximum torque
  • Durable idler wheels for long maintenance requirements
  • 1 HP electric motor for low power consumption
  • 1 internal CIP spray bar for effective cleaning with lowest water consumption
  • Adjustable influent feed tube maximizes the separation performance
  • Reinforced perforated filter screen for reliable, long-life operation
  • Contra shear solid removal for effective separation and high capture rates
  • Full length internal spiral flights for high capacity solids conveyance
  • Inlet and outlet guards for improved safety and positive containment
  • Bypass return chamber ensures maximum throughput
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