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Modular Manure Treatment Delivers Industry-Leading Results

The Modular TNZ™ Manure Treatment System is a great option for dairies of all sizes looking to optimize their waste processes and recover water and nutrients from animal manure.

With decades of experience in circular waste management processes Trident provides its customers the most efficient modular manure treatment option. Seamless integration, reliable operation and unmatched separation performance make the Modular TNZ™ Nutrient Recovery System an easy choice.

A modular manure treatment system that is affordable, easy to implement and operate is a game changer. It makes sustainable water and nutrient recovery technology available for a wide range of dairy farms and other livestock operations.

manure flush system require clean water CLEAN WATER GUARANTEED. PERIOD. Trident’s award-winning fine-solids separation is now available as compact turn-key system.

Simple. Affordable. Effective.

Efficient Water And Nutrient Recovery

RECYCLING WATER – The ability to recycle clean water from raw manure or digestate is critical for an efficient farm operation. Not only does it create a sustainability advantage, it also accommodates effective sand separation and flushing and prevents plugging of irrigation systems.

PARTICLE SIZE MATTERS – Primary separation is a great start to capturing coarse solids and fiber. However, slope screens, drum screens, screw or roller presses are limited in regard to the particle size they can capture. Large amounts of fine solids (25 micron or less) including NPK nutrients remain in the effluent from primary separation affecting the downstream management adversely.

Capacity: 250 – 3,500 cows per single unit.

Manure Type: flush, scrape, vacuum, and full integration with your existing equipment.

Input Solids: 1-10% TS

Output – Effluent: reaching 0.1% TSS

Output – Cake: reaching 20% TS

Dimensions (L x W x H): 40x8x8.5 or 9.5 ft

Wave Water And Nutrient Recovery From Manure

LAGOON MANAGEMENT AND EMISSIONS – Drastically reduced solids loading reduces lagoon cleanout cycles. The absence of volatile solids also drastically reduces methane emissions.

NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT – The system allows dairies of all sizes to implement cost efficient precision nutrient management.

INTEGRATION WITH EXISTING EQUIPMENT – The Wave Water & Nutrient Recovery System integrates with existing coarse solids separators and the modular design eliminates the need for buildings and other infrastructure.

What You Get With The Modular Manure System

Process equipment

Solids & liquid transfer system

Automation & motor control center

Modular housing system incl. HVAC, lighting and environmental controls

“We are very impressed with Trident. They came and did what they said they would do, at the price they had quoted, and they did it within the promised timeline.”

Dr. Michael McCloskey
Dairy Farm Owner & CEO

The Most Capable Water & Nutrient Management System

250 - 3,500 COWS PER UNIT

A single unit of the Wave Nutrient Recovery System processes manure from up to 3,500 cows.


The system accepts flush, scrape or vacuum manure, with or without anaerobic digestion.


Unmatched solids removal in a single-pass treatment for clean recycling water.


Automated control system for unsupervised operation.


The system integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment.


Competitive CAPEX and OPEX improve your bottom line.

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