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Trident Centrifuge

Powerful manure separation equipment

Trident offers the option to provide centrifuge equipment for manure separation on dairy farms. A centrifuge can be a good way to improve on-farm nutrient management. The equipment is recommended as secondary treatment step for manure liquid (effluent) from primary separators such as rotary screens or screw presses. After the initial primary treatment the effluent still contains large amounts of fine solids and high nutrient levels, which can be problematic for lagoon storage or NMP requirements.

The centrifuge is capable of concentrating these fine solids to a cake material, usually with 15-25% TS. The produced effluent (centrate) is low in solids and nutrients, benefitting downstream processes on the farm. By eliminating a large portion of the solids going to longterm storage, the farm is able to realize substantial cost savings by reducing expensive lagoon clean outs.

The centrifuge operates with high rotational speeds and the resulting centrifugal forces separate the solids particles from the liquid in a single pass treatment. The remaining effluent has usually approx. 2% TS. The heavy duty machinery requires powerful motors to achieve the necessary G forces of up to 3,000 G. Operators need to be aware of higher electrical costs and more complex maintenance and safety procedures.

Easy on-farm integration

Centrifuge models are available with different treatment capacities capable of processing manure economically from herds with 500 cows and more. They can be easily integrated in existing treatment processes and are available as standalone equipment or drop-in-ready skid mounted systems including pumps and controls.

Centrifuge CentriTek Trident

Image: Trident Centrifuges are provided in collaboration with our partner CentriTEK.

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