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MD Press 454 for high volume sludge dewatering

Abbotsford, BC – March 12th, 2018.  The Trident MD Press 454 turns heads in the wastewater treatment industry. This is mainly a result of its efficiency and wide range of applications. The MD Press provides effective solid-liquid separation with its unique multi disc design. In particular for large food processing, oil & gas, livestock, or manufacturing applications, the MD Press is the ideal sludge dewatering equipment. The MD Press 454 is the largest single unit. To be more specific, its footprint is about 10×10′ and it weighs more than 13,000 lbs. Depending on the feedstock it can run with a throughput of close to 600 gpm and processes up to 3,800 lbs/DS per hour. Impressive facts. Now add its excellent dewatering performance and the low operating costs and you have an exceptional value package.

As a result, the MD Press has made it onto the wish list of many treatment plant operators. And CFOs like it, too. Did you know that even the scheduled maintenance is now much easier? Whereas other technologies like centrifuge or belt press require expensive backup equipment to ensure plant operation during extended equipment rebuilds, the plant maintenance team can typically perform a MD Press cylinder exchange in only one day. In part this is due to the modular design of the MD Press.

To learn more about the MD Press technology call us at 1.800.799.3740 or email For a detailed video description of the MD Press visit us on YouTube.

Trident MD Press 454 placement

A Trident MD Press 454 is being placed at a client’s wastewater treatment facility.

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