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Sludge thickening with Wave Separator

Wave Separator ensures efficient sludge thickening in many applications 

Abbotsford, BC – May 5th, 2020. The Wave Separator excels where other sludge thickening systems find their limits. The Wave offers effective solid-liquid separation for different sludges, it is inexpensive and easy to operate, and has a small footprint.

Among the Trident equipment lineup, the Wave Separator is likely the most versatile machine when it comes to sludge thickening applications. Its ability to effectively process a variety of sludge types including primary or secondary and waste activated sludge, oily sludge or materials containing coarse organic matter, is second to none. Especially helpful is the Wave’s low impact treatment when very fragile floc has to be processed.

There are more than a dozen Wave models available to meet a range of capacity needs. The largest single unit has a hydraulic capacity of approx. 750 gpm. And if required, several units can be combined to offer even more capacity. Also interesting is that the Wave is offered as a standard thickening model, and as a dewatering (D) model. The latter is ideal for applications that require higher dry matter output. The mid-size Wave 411D model uses less than 1.5 HP and daily maintenance is limited to visual checks and the occasional wash-down. Operators that are familiar with the time consuming operating procedures of a belt press, appreciate the efficiency of the Wave system.

Wave Separator Sludge Thickener-Youtube preview
The versatility of the Wave Separator and its low opex is a key benefit for many operators. Visit our YouTube channel for an overview of different applications.

Wave Separator 411 - sludge thickening effluent
The high solids capture rates of the Wave ensure a very clean effluent.

Common sludge thickening applications

A common application in the municipal wastewater sector is the thickening of WAS prior to digestion. This helps optimize digester performance and reduces sludge handling costs.

Food processors also realize the benefits of the Wave technology for their sludge treatment. The coarse solids screening capabilities of the Wave is advantageous for instance in the meat or vegetables processing industry.

Call 1-800-799-3470 or email Shale Bourdon to learn more about the Wave Separator.

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