Sludge dewatering demonstration with MD Press 131 - Trident TNZ
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Sludge dewatering demonstration with MD Press 131

Mobile sludge dewatering demonstration 

Abbotsford, BC – July 8th, 2020. Sludge dewatering equipment like the Trident MD Press is an important part in many wastewater applications. When a client asks us to put together a solution for their plant we start with the process design and determine capacity requirements. And in some cases we also offer a sludge dewatering demonstration at their site. In order for our team to prepare and execute the demonstration smoothly, Trident uses a dedicated pilot unit. This skid-mounted system is built around a MD Press 131 and contains a polymer make-down unit, polymer feed pump, floc tank, CIP spray bar and all controls required to run the system. With its compact foot print of 5 ½ x 3 ½ ft the skid is ideal for mobile use.

The MD 131 pilot unit allows the team to test different polymer types and dosing rates, and fine tune machine settings like auger speed or end plate spacing. The pilot operator will need access to the feed sludge, a standard fresh water and drain hookup, and a 480V electrical connection. For testing purposes it is usually sufficient to process smaller portions of the feed sludge. The MD 131 has a hydraulic capacity of 1.5 to 9 gpm and a solids capacity of up to 55 lbs-DS/hr.

sludge dewatering demonstration

Samples of influent sludge, effluent, and separated solids during a sludge dewatering demonstration.

At small to medium size plants our team usually recommends one to two days to complete the demonstration. The collected samples of influent, effluent and separated solids can be tested onsite at the client’s lab, or will be analyzed at a third-party laboratory. The client will receive a complete pilot report with all results.

To learn more about the MD Press and how it can benefit your sludge treatment visit Trident’s Youtube channel or call 1-800-799-3740.

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