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Wasatch Resource Recovery impressed with Trident MD Press

North Salt Lake, UT – December 18th, 2019. Utah based Wasatch Resource Recovery (WRR) went all-in on circular economy. The state-of-the-art facility processes food waste and turns the organic components into sustainable co-products. Specifically, into Biogas and bio-based fertilizer. WRR’s anaerobic digester is the first biogas plant in Utah that is dedicated to food waste.

When the engineering team began to investigate suitable equipment options for their sludge treatment process, Trident Processes had an opportunity to provide critical input from an early stage to help with capacity and sizing recommendations.

Ease of operation and low maintenance costs are key

With emphasis on efficient and reliable equipment performance, the choice fell on the Trident MD 454 screw press. The four-cylinder press dewaters the plant’s anaerobically digested sludge at a rate of 185 gpm to dry phosphorus rich cake suitable for land application. Not always an easy task, as Norman Robinson, Senior Plant Operator at Wasatch Resource Recovery, can attest: “Because we receive a variety of organic wastes, we need to be able to process sludge that often changes its characteristics, and still produce a consistent, dry cake.” Robinson and his team also spent time on polymer optimization and are very satisfied with the low consumption and operating cost of the equipment.

Trident MD 454 sludge dewatering press at Wasatch Resource Recovery

The MD 454 sludge dewatering press is powered by four 2 HP motors which helps keep the cost for electrical consumption low. Relative to its hydraulic treatment capacity, the MD 454 is one of the most efficient sludge dewatering options.

The MD press is integrated in the plant’s automation system and allows Robinson’s team to process the AD sludge continuously 24 hours a day. The produced cake is consistently in the 21-25% TS range which allows for smooth handling and transportation. “We do some visual checks during the day and perform the occasional wash-down and greasing. The MD press simply does its job, without requiring much of our time; it has proven to be a great choice for our facility”, summarizes Robinson.

About Trident

Trident provides efficient screening and sludge treatment equipment for a wide range of industrial and municipal wastewater applications. Trident equipment is known for its efficiency and reliability. The Abbotsford, BC based company also has a leading position in agriculture, with its award-winning nutrient recovery technology. For further information visit www.tridenttnz.com, call 1-800-799-3740 or email shale.bourdon@tridenttnz.com.

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