Dairy farm saves water and boosts CI score with innovative manure system
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Dairy farm saves water and boosts CI score with future-proof manure system

TNZ resource recovery technology implemented on 18,000-cow farm – May 12th, 2021. The TNZTM System has been selected as integrated manure management solution for an 18,000-cow dairy farm in the Western United States. The TNZ system processes the farm’s daily 500,000 gallon of manure in a multi-step treatment and recycles valuable resources like water, organic fiber and nutrients. The system was commissioned early May and in the first week of operation it has already captured 2,400 tons of nutrient rich solids from the liquid manure waste. The system also produces 2,500 yards of fiber and nearly 3 million gallon of effluent water per week.

During the initial planning stage Trident worked closely with the project engineering firm and demonstrated that their treatment solution addresses the farm’s environmental and operational objectives – now and in the future. For all stake holders it was also important to partner with an expert that has the necessary experience to handle a project of this scale. 


Kerry Doyle, CEO of Trident Processes: “The ability to recycle clean effluent water is critical for any farm operation. It helps them manage water as a resource and eliminates expensive lagoon cleanouts. The farm uses an anaerobic digester and with the TNZ system they will substantially improve their carbon-intensity score.”

TNZ manure treatment system

Image: The farm’s newly constructed manure treatment facility with the TNZ system, which uses dedicated treatment stages to concentrate and extract the valuable components from dairy cow manure.


After a two-week period for installation and commissioning the operations team runs the system at its designed capacity. To make their job easier, the operators can rely on an advanced automation and control package that uses real-time flow and solids data to ensure optimal system performance 24/7.

It was in the initial meeting with Trident when the farm management realized how significant the untapped potential of their cows’ waste really was. The TNZ system was the next logical step. Aside from the operational savings it also supports the farm’s long-term commitment to healthy soils and waterways and aligns with their regenerative farming practices.

Would you like to learn more about the TNZ manure treatment system and it can transform your dairy? Contact your Trident representative at 1-800-799-3740.

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