Virtual tour of Trident nutrient recovery system at dairy farm
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Nutrient Recovery System Virtual Tour

Discover Nutrient Recovery System at Dairy Farm with Flush Manure System.

Take a virtual tour and discover how a Trident Nutrient Recovery installation looks like: Start Virtual Tour

This nutrient recovery and bedding recovery system is installed at a 3,500 cow dairy farm and consists of:

  • Two sets of Trident Rotary Screen and Screw Press including stainless steel platform, stairs, safety and maintenance provisions
  • Two 400 sqft Trident DAF units
  • Two Trident MD 413 Presses
  • One skid mounted Dual Polymer Hydration Unit
  • Pumps, agitatotors
  • Cross auger
  • Railings, cat walks and safety provisions
  • Automations system including sensors, VFD, controls, remote access etc.

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