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Trident Wave Separator Manure Treatment Alberta Dairy Farm

Alberta farm invests in sustainability with innovative manure treatment

250-cow dairy operation to take the next step towards net-zero – Aug 15th, 2023. Trident TNZ is pleased to announce the successful start-up of a Trident resource recovery system at their client’s dairy operation, Glory View Dairy in Stony Plain, Alberta. The treatment system processes the manure from the farm’s 250-cow herd. “This is a major milestone in our roadmap to expanding our sustainability performance”, explains Graham Jespersen, Co-Owner of Glory View Dairy.

With the implementation of the Trident system the farm is able to process manure waste into valuable co-products, applying the concept of circular resource management. After fibrous material is separated and recycled as bedding for the animals, the treatment captures nutrients and recycles water. Subsequently, this allows efficient land application and improves manure handling and storage. Another benefit; the treatment also promotes methane emission reductions from the farm’s manure storage. 


Jespersen continues, “We have always embraced our responsibility as Stewards of the Land. Trident’s solution perfectly ties into our commitment of managing our environmental footprint while streamlining farm operations“. Geoff Steinback, Managing Member of Trident, adds “For a dairy farm to be able to recover phosphorus nutrients and manage water quality is a big deal; it makes sense economically and addresses what modern consumers expect from producers”.

Trident wave separator manure treatment Alberta dairy farm
Image: The dairy farm has opted for a Trident Wave Separator system to optimize its manure management by capturing large amounts of fine solids from the dairy cow manure while improving effluent water quality.

Visit Trident on YouTube to learn more about the Trident Wave Separator and it can be utilized for fine-solids separation in on-farm manure applications.

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