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Bedding Recovery at Windy Ridge Dairy

7,000 cow dairy uses manufactured bedding from bedding recovery system

The challenge

The operators on the dairy had been using roller press equipment and as the presses wore out it became more and more difficult to maintain an adequate bedding quality for their animals. To address the challenge the team at Trident and the farm’s operators connected and analyzed the farm’s manure management process. As part of the review process different manure treatment and capacity scenarios were evaluated to ensure an efficient bedding recovery.

Bedding Recovery Windy Ridge Dairy


Trident’s approach

To ensure optimal longterm performance of the new equipment, Trident provided two different configurations for testing. After the evaluation of the test results was completed, the old presses were replaced by five sets of Trident Rotary Screen Conditioner and Screw Press. The system was installed including stainless steel platforms, automation package, and a number of safety and maintenance provisions.

What it looks like today

A key feature of the Trident bedding recovery system is the fact that it extracts specifically the larger fiber, which is key for a high quality bedding. The effluent water including small particles and dissolved solids can be diverted to storage or to a downstream treatment process for nutrient extraction.

The farm’s bedding system is set to produce fiber consistently in the 32-34% dry matter range, with room to increase the dryness if needed. Thanks to the automation it works seamlessly around the clock and adjusts itself to the optimal operating settings.

We are very happy with the performance of the Trident system. It produces consistent high quality bedding and it helps us reduce our operating costs.

Manure management specialist Newtrient LLC has conducted a detailed bedding recovery project case study at Windy Ridge Dairy. Follow the link for more details.

Bedding Recovery - Trident Rotary Screen Removal

Proven maintenance provisions like the I-Beam and the Screen Removal Device allow for easy maintenance.

Bedding Recovery - Manufactured Fiber Storage

The  manufactured bedding is constantly transported back to the barns and put in the stalls.

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