New sludge dewatering press Trident MD 454
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New Sludge Dewatering Press Trident MD 454

Trident recently expanded their line of sludge dewatering equipment with a high capacity MD Press 454. The MD 454 is Trident’s largest dewatering press. A single unit can process 250,000 gpd with up to 4,000 lbs ds/min throughput. The press features four dewatering cylinders, each powered by a 1.5KW motor. The cylinders are strategically designed to allow efficient thickening and dewatering in a single operation. Maintenance requirements are drastically reduced due to its self-cleaning design. Trident recommends a 10,000 hr service interval.
Trident’s MD Presses are a critical component in municipal or industrial sludge treatment applications. The equipment can accept highly dilute sludge and, depending on the requirements, produce cake with 20%- 30% TS. The press operates fully automated, requiring little operator attendance and simple maintenance procedures. Like Trident’s smaller units, the MD 454 is available with an optional flocculation tank and mixer unit.

Dewatering Press MD450 series

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