Nutrient recovery at 300 cow dairy Seabreeze Farms
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Nutrient Recovery at 300 cow dairy Seabreeze Farms

Trident’s nutrient recovery system at Seabreeze Farms in Delta, BC represents the leading standard in commercially available technology for nutrient management and recovery for livestock operations. The automated system has been in operation for more than two years. The technology allows the farm to manage their waste stream (dairy cow manure and off-farm material like food waste, which is anaerobically digested) more efficiently.

The treatment process includes: conditioning and fiber extraction, fiber recovery for reuse as bedding, extraction and concentration of NPK nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium) in a solid cake-like format, and recycling of the liquid fractions as nutrient and solids reduced water.

This project is a prime example of a local farmer’s approach to proactively deal with pressing environmental and operational challenges. The farm is able to eliminate the risk of nutrient overloading or watershed pollution that come with traditional manure handling (i.e. lagoon storage and manure spreading). At the same time the focus on the valuable byproducts from their animals (manure converted to fiber, nutrients and water) allows the operation to improve its efficiency and creates new revenue sources. The operational cost savings from bedding production and water handling are significant and contribute to the system’s ROI. Due to the automated operation there is only minimal operator attendance required. In fact, the core functionality can be monitored and controlled remotely in real time via web access.

If you want to learn more details about Trident’s technology and its benefits, are curious why simple mechanical manure separation is not the answer to nutrient related problems or why a centrifuge is not the most suitable equipment for manure treatment, or if you simply wish to see Trident equipment operating on site, connect with us by email or phone 1.800.799.3740.

Nutrient Recovery at 300 cow dairy Seabreeze

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