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Trident Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Wastewater treatment and manure management technologies for municipal and agriculture applications

Fiber Recovery - Ag

Trident Bedding Recovery can be a standalone system or completely integrated in the complex Nutrient Recovery system. One of the unique features of the Trident Nutrient Recovery System is the inclusion of the Trident Bedding System, a process that recycles the large fibre from manure which farmers can use as barn stall bedding…more

Manure Treatment w/ Water & Nutrient Recovery - Ag

We have developed the Trident Nutrient Recovery System, an award winning manure management process that is easy for farmers to purchase, implement, use and maintain. It provides a complete solution including many benefits besides just nutrient recovery…more

Sludge Dewatering

Trident develops custom solutions and turnkey systems for municipal water and sludge treatment operations. Whether starting from the beginning developing an innovative overall solution or developing a solution that will work better within an already existing process, Trident has helped many customers around the world…more

Trident Equipment

Trident Equipment is specifically designed to allow efficient water and sludge treatment as well as agricultural nutrient and bedding recovery applications. Proven quality and functional design combined with low-cost maintenance make Trident Equipment an excellent choice for many industries, including Agriculture, Oil and Gas Operations or Food Processing…more

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