Nutrient recovery installation at Wolf Creek Dairy Farm
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Nutrient Recovery Installation started at Wolf Creek Dairy

Our installation crew is currently in Northern Colorado installing a new nutrient recovery system on a dairy farm with a capacity for 4,000 cows. This is a green-site project and Trident has been involved in the planning and design from an early stage. Together with the dairyman Trident streamlined the entire manure handling process.

With the system’s ability to produce quality bedding from the dairy cow manure and recycle much of the system’s effluent water the farm decided to build a flush dairy. A spacious storage bay for bedding fiber and a covered drive lane with access to all aisles in the three barns for trucks to transport the bedding is a key design feature of this dairy.

Another advantage of being involved from an early stage is the fact that our suppliers are able to customize the equipment where needed and pre-fabricate many of the components, such as pump mounts, platforms, safety railings, catwalks etc., allowing a very efficient installation.

After almost one week on site our team put in the bedding system including Trident Rotary Drum and Screw Press, as well as Polymer Hydration Unit and MD Presses to dewater the nutrient cake. Pumps and agitators are put in, levelling auger, safety railings and catwalks installation is almost complete. Two 400 sqft DAF systems will be placed shortly and our automations team is ready to complete their part to allow commissioning of the system.   

Stay tuned for more details and visit our Youtube channel to see the different installation stages.

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