Manure and nutrient management solutions at World Ag Expo 2021
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Manure and nutrient management solutions at World Ag Expo 2021

Trident manure and nutrient management solutions at World AG Expo – January 29th, 2021.  Trident is excited to once again participate as an exhibitor at World Ag Expo. This year’s show will be an online event and we are looking forward to the virtual experience. Although we will certainly miss the personal interactions and the great vibe at the exhibition grounds.


New this year is Trident’s turn-key Wave manure treatment system. The compact container-housed system it comes with all required ancillary components like pumps, conveyor and controls. A single unit has a treatment capacity for 250 to 3,500 cows. The affordable system is designed for fine-solids separation and is a great addition to any existing on-farm primary separators like screens or presses. The system is capable of removing nearly all solids and produces 99.9% suspended solids free water.

This system helps farmers who want to eliminate expensive lagoon clean-outs, and be able to recycle large amounts of clean effluent water for irrigation, for instance through drip tape or pivots, or just have access to cleaner water for more effective sand separation or their flush system.

Trident manure and nutrient management solutions at World Ag Expo 2021
The 2021 World Ag Expo Online is scheduled for Feb 9-11. See the links below. 


Trident will also promote it’s full separator lineup for different livestock applications, as well as liquid waste treatment in the food processing sector. It includes internally fed drum screens, screw presses, sludge dewatering and thickening equipment.

Trident MD Press Sludge Dehydrator
Image: The MD Press dewaters liquid waste streams in ag related or food processing applications.


Aside from water and nutrient management Trident also works with it’s clients on customized programs for methane emissions and carbon intensity mitigation. We partner with companies in the biogas space and address the need for anaerobic digester performance improvements, feedstock or digestate treatment, tank and storage solutions or project management.

On February 9-11 you can connect with us through the World Ag Expo website. Should you wish to schedule an appointment outside these dates, call us at 1-800-799-3740.

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