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Modular manure treatment and water recovery

Modular manure treatment – November 20th, 2020.  As discussed in our post water recovery from dairy cow manure, the ability to address fine-solids separation and recycle clean water from agricultural waste streams comes with a number of benefits. But what can dairy farmers actually do to implement efficient water recovery? Sometimes we find there is a misconception and dairy farmers assume that nutrient or water recovery is designed mainly for very large farms. This could be due to treatment capacity, expected system maintenance or simply space requirements? Well, if you have found yourself in the past thinking these are reasons that would prevent a proper fine-solids separation on your dairy, you will want to keep reading.


The truth is, there is a very attractive water recovery option available for dairies of all sizes. The Modular TNZ Manure Treatment and Water Recovery System fits the needs of small to midsize dairies perfectly. We are talking herd sizes of 250 to 3,500 cows per single unit. The Wave system works with all types of manure collection systems and it integrates with existing primary separation equipment. There is more good news. The system includes all process equipment, pumps, sensors, controls and a conveyor. And as a standard package it’s all fitted neatly into a container unit – drop-in ready so to speak. Maintenance and operating costs are minimal and the output results, especially considering it’s a single-pass treatment, are second to none.

Modular manure treatment system
Image: The modular Wave manure treatment and water recovery system is capable of processing manure from 250 – 3,500 cows per single unit.  A standard 40′ container houses the entire system.

The video below illustrates how effectively the Wave Separator processes a sample of flush dairy manure. Learn how Trident can help transform your manure management and give our team a call at 1-800-799-3470.

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