EPA and partners launch challenge to recycle nutrients from livestock waste
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EPA and Partners Launch Challenge to Recycle Nutrients from Livestock Waste

EPA and Partners Launch Challenge to Recycle Nutrients from Livestock Waste

On November 12, the EPA announced it is partnering with pork and dairy producers along with a host of other players including the USDA, environmental and science experts, solutions engineers, and equipment manufacturers to find affordable technology that take nutrients from livestock manure and create valuable products with them. Working together, they have created a nationwide Nutrient Recycling Challenge to anyone who can envision a better way of processing manure to minimize water pollution and build healthy soils.

The list of partnering organizations is extensive with influential organizations from environmental, government, academic, agricultural and the food industries including:

We at Trident are very excited about this Challenge, as we have been working on this exact initiative for over 10-years. In fact, we are already providing successful manure management and nutrient recovery solutions that help dairy farmers capturing a majority of the Phosphorus and Nitrogen and turning manure into usable and valuable products.

We are looking forward to joining the Nutrient Recovery Challenge and submitting our solutions. Follow us on our progress with the Challenge via Newsletter, Twitter, or Facebook. Learn more about Trident’s Nutrient Recovery solutions on our website.

Trident’s technology automatically recycles dairy manure into three valuable products, each ready for immediate use.

  • Biomass material
  • Nutrient Fertilizer
  • Clean Water

The Trident Nutrient Recovery System gives farmers a solution for even the most difficult nutrient management scenarios. Fair Oaks Farm’s nutrient capture rate is 85%P, 55%N and 25%K.

You could be converting your manure into three valuable new commodities, too. Join us and take advantage of all the benefits Trident’s Nutrient Recovery System offers.


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