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Sludge treatment at WEF Biosolids 2019

Trident’s municipal & industrial division is preparing for the WEF Residuals and Biosolids Conference 2019. Trident will be exhibiting at the expo on May 8-9 and present its sludge treatment equipment. And we look forward to meeting many of the attending biosolids experts. If you are interested in learning more about efficient sludge dewatering and thickening, please come and see us in booth 223.

Every year the WEF Biosolids event brings together engineers, municipal contacts, researchers and technology providers like Trident, to discuss and advance biosolids management. For Trident this is particularly interesting, as the sludge treatment stage is a critical step in the biosolids process. The objective is to provide effective solid liquid separation allowing a more cost effective handling of the biosolids.

Key equipment: Wave Separator and MD Press

For this purpose we’d like to introduce attendees to two Trident technologies. The Wave Separator is an efficient sludge thickening device, ideal to pre-condition very dilute sludge and reduce the downstream treatment volume. The MD Press has the capability to dewater a wide range of sludge types. Depending on the type of processed material it can produce solids with over 25% dry matter. And it delivers its dewatering performance reliably with impressively low operating costs. The modular MD cylinder design and a range of different models make the MD Press a very scalable solution, useable for virtually any treatment capacity.

But Trident can also help with other separation, conveyance and storage solutions:

  • Rotary screen separators
  • Externally fed separators
  • Wave thickeners
  • MD dewatering presses
  • Screw presses
  • Roller presses
  • Stainless steel tank solutions
  • Pumps and agitators

So, if you deal with sludge and biosolids, there is a good chance that Trident can offer a solution to make your plant operation more efficient. To learn more details or talk to one of our wastewater experts call 1-800-799-3740.

WEF Biosolids 2019

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