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Potato waste separation equipment

Abbotsford, BC – March 27th, 2019.  How can Trident help in potato waste applications? Separation equipment for the treatment of liquid waste in the food processing industry is one of Trident’s specialties. The treatment of potato waste can require screening, thickening or dewatering. Whether you are looking to recover valuable potato starch, separate potato peels and cuttings or recycle wash water, Trident has a solution that is effective and economical. In fact, it often results in significant reduction of waste disposal or discharge costs. Trident Separator solutions are scalable to fit any size operation and can be automated for 24×7 operation.

This short video shows a small Wave Separator model in a food processing application for the primary separation of potato waste. The Wave processes the liquid potato waste without polymer and separates the peels and cuttings from the liquid. This Wave model features the optional pressure plate to achieve higher solids concentration in a single process. Optionally, the MD Sludge Press could also be utilized to increase the dry matter of the separated solids even more.

Another common technology for food waste processing is the rotary screen. Trident offers different models with different screen sizes to suite different capacity requirements and to ensure effective performance. The photo below shows the internally fed rotary screen with a 3/16 inch screen.

Rotary screen for food processing waste

Efficiency is key

Trident Separators are an attractive option for operators that are looking to lower their operational costs. For example, low speed operation with few moving parts results in low horsepower requirements and ensure a reliable operation. In addition, low maintenance, small foot print and minimal operator attendance are other benefits.

To summarize, Trident Separators are well suited for use in potato processing plants. You can view Trident Separators on PotatoPro.com. To learn more details or talk to one of our industrial wastewater experts call 1-800-799-3740.

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