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Manure Separation in Newtrient Technology Catalog

Manure equipment resource for dairy farmers

Abbotsford, BC – June 3rd, 2020. The Newtrient Catalog focuses on manure treatment technologies and manure separation. The company behind this technology assessment platform is Newtrient LLC, based in the Chicago suburb Rosemont. Newtrient was founded by leading dairy cooperatives representing nearly 20,000 dairy farmers in North America. They account for one half of the nation’s milk supply. In addition, Dairy Management Inc. and National Milk Producers Federation are also founding members. The goal was to help members better understand what treatment technologies are available and identify what’s best suited for their dairy farm.

Today, the Newtrient Manure Technology Catalog has become an important resource for dairy farmers. It helps producers identify and learn about available manure separation solutions. And it helps connect farmers with equipment suppliers. With their comprehensive review and 9-step rating process Newtrient ensures that technologies are assessed properly. The farmers on the other hand can use this resource to compare technologies in areas that are relevant for their operation.

Newtrient manure technology catalog - Trident Bedding Recovery
Trident Bedding Recovery is one of the technologies listed in the Newtrient Manure Management Catalog. And more so, it checks all nine boxes.

Trident Bedding Recovery Assessment

From the very beginning, Trident has been working closely with the team at Newtrient contributing regularly with content to help build and expand this platform. In fact, the Trident Bedding Recovery System for instance, was one of the very early listings. By providing transparent information on system design, operation and maintenance, Trident allowed Newtrient’s review panel to assess the system’s performance as well as its economic value and practicality in a dairy farm environment. But Newtrient also listens to the users’ feedback and includes their rating in the overall assessment. In the case of the Trident Bedding System the assessment result was a successful completion of all 9 review areas.

Now, what does this mean for Trident? As a vendor it gives us opportunities to refer to creditable third party assessments. Their analysis is based on feedback from real-life dairy farm experts. This brings tremendous value to our customers and helps them prepare thoroughly for upcoming investments. If you have specific questions around any of the listed Trident technologies, give us a call at 1-800-799-3740. Furthermore, you can also request a site visit at one of our customers’ farms and experience first hand how Trident manure equipment performs.

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