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Manure resource recovery process

Abbotsford, BC – August 19th 2019. What to do with the manure? Dairy farmers produce milk and provide nutritious products that help feed millions of people around the world. But part of any livestock operation is also the waste aspect. In many regions it has become a standard practice to manage waste in a sustainable fashion. But there are still challenges with manure storage in lagoons or nutrient overloading. So, how can resource recovery help?

In traditional livestock operations the management of manure is one of the biggest cost drivers and commonly considered a huge liability factor. Trident specializes in technology that helps livestock producers improve their manure management. The conceptual idea is to separate the valuable components in manure and to manage them as a resource, rather than as a waste product. This process helps farmers implement robust sustainability practices and it also improves their operational resilience. Because these resources are now available in separate streams, they are easier to manage for the farmer. Operational process improvements and cost savings are the results. There is also the potential to generate revenue with these co-products through downstream processes like commercial fertilizer production.

The 3 stage resource recovery process

We have received feedback from dairy farmers and ag dealers asking for a more detailed breakdown of our resource recovery process. We hope this video addressed these questions. It walks you through all 3 treatment stages.

In the initial fiber separation stage, the incoming manure is conditioned and the large fiber are separated from the liquid. As part of that process we are able to produce manufactured bedding that can be reused in the barns and is proven to be beneficial for improved cow comfort. The second stage addresses the fine solid separation. This is where the system recovers a high percentage of the valuable NPK nutrients from the liquid. The final treatment step utilizes specialized dewatering equipment to concentrate the nutrient solids. The volume compared to the initial raw manure is now reduced by more than 80% and storage and handling features are much improved. The remaining clarified liquid contains very little solids which greatly improves the farm’s lagoon management. Trident also offers additional down stream treatment options that address nutrient granulation or if required, further clarification of the liquid.

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