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Dairy manure solutions in Yakima County

Sunnyside, WA – March 15th, 2019.  Providing their communities with quality food that is affordable and safe has always been a main priority for many dairy farmers. And it’s a full-time job to do it well. But today, dairy farmers are also expected to provide sound environmental solutions to their communities. Degradation of water resources, air and groundwater pollution, or high nitrate levels are common concerns and frequently addressed in discussions involving dairy farming and sustainability. And it’s no different in the Yakima Valley in Washington State. Yakima Valley Trends estimates that over one third of all milking cows in the State of Washington are located in Yakima County. This high density of dairy farms seems to lead to a lot of public attention.

The reality is that dairy farming is already in a process of change. Farmers, researchers, equipment providers and regulators have started to work on manure solutions a long time ago. As a result, some U.S. farmers have been operating effective wastewater treatment systems on their farms for several years now. These automated manure treatment systems convert the valuable manure ingredients into co-products that are easy to handle and store. As a result land application of the nutrients becomes more predictable and affordable.

Let us help you make that transition successfully.

So, how can Yakima farmers transition to sustainable and economically robust farming practices? Talk to an expert, like Trident, to access your farm’s situation. Trident provides award-winning manure treatment and nutrient recovery solutions that offer tremendous value for dairy farmers. Manure treatment encompasses separation, nutrient capture, solids reduction and recycling of water. In other words, this treatment impacts several aspects of your dairy operation. In addition, the technology generates valuable co-products and it helps reduce the farm’s operational costs.

If you have questions or concerns around manure treatment, please call us at 604-330-2500 to discuss the next steps.

Trident Manure Separator in Yakima County

A Trident manure separator installed on a Washington dairy farm.

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