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Vermont dairy recognized with prestigious US Dairy Sustainability Award

First on-farm phosphorus removal system protects watershed – June 14th, 2021. Vermont dairy Goodrich Farm has been announced as a recipient of the national 2021 US Dairy Sustainability Award for Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability.

The family-run 900-cow dairy was chosen for its initiatives that combine environmental commitment and economic viability. Together with Middlebury College, Vermont Gas Systems and biogas expert Vanguard Renewables (the developer, owner and operator of the on-farm digester) the Goodrich family has formed a unique regional partnership that focuses on creating carbon negative renewable energy from farm and food waste.


The farm’s advanced waste treatment includes a phosphorus removal system – the first of its kind in Vermont. The multi-stage treatment system, provided by Trident Processes, captures phosphorus and other nutrients from water and recycles them in a highly concentrated solids form. The Trident system also recycles large amounts of clarified water. With nearly all suspended solids removed from the effluent, the water is reused for different farm applications significantly reducing the use of fresh water. The system at Goodrich Farm processes 280 tons per day of manure and organic food waste. It is designed to produce 50,000 gal/day of clean effluent water benefiting the Otter Creek Watershed ecosystem and nearby Lake Champlain. 


Trident’s treatment process complements the on-farm anaerobic digester, which is developed, owned and operated by Vanguard Renewables. It helps improve the already impressive carbon offset creating a long-term revenue opportunity for the farm while reducing its environmental footprint

Trident phosphorus removal manure treatment at Vermont dairy

Image: A member of Trident’s install team is inspecting components of the phosphorus removal system during commissioning in 2020.


Trident made first headlines with its innovative manure treatment in 2014, when it installed the first on-farm nutrient recovery systems in British Columbia and Indiana. Today, Trident has become a leader in sustainable livestock waste management solutions and helps dairies across North America transform their operation.

If you are interested in anaerobic digester treatment or Trident’s several ag waste solutions contact Trident at 1-800-799-3740.

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