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Trident Roller Press

High efficiency separation equipment

The Trident Roller Press is a durable and effective separator for organic material. It is specifically designed to improve the manure management on dairy farms. We see the most effective results when the roller press is placed after a primary separator that captures the manure solids. Depending on the farm’s objectives it can also be implemented as the first line of separation equipment.

The 48” or 72” roller press features a heavy duty screen roller, a Duro 40 roller and two air controlled load cells that allow to regulate the output dry matter. The press is commonly used after a Rotary Screen and can reduce the moisture content to 72-80%. The inlet collection tray and the effluent tank is manufactured from non-corrosive stainless steel. The adjustable discharge scraper is made of durable UHMW plastic. The dewatered manure solids can be discharged onto a conveyor or directly into a storage bay. The sloped effluent tank with its 6” outlet allows for effective discharge of the separated liquid. The integrated CIP system ensures automated cleaning of the perforated drum. The machine also features Trident’s one-way clutch mechanism that allows free-wheeling the drum back to prevent machine downtime potentially caused by larger foreign objects. Long lasting, dependable components guarantee trouble free operation for many years.

Find this and other Trident manure separation equipment on Trident’s YouTube channel.

Trident Roller Press TRP 1200 manure separation

Image: The Trident Roller Press is ideal for separating and dewatering manure solids on dairy farms. 

Trident Roller Press - manure separation

Image: The one-way clutch mechanism allows free-wheeling the drum back to prevent machine downtime potentially caused by larger foreign objects.

Trident Roller Press - grease fittings

Image: The Trident Roller Press is equipped with remote grease ports for easy maintenance.   

Features and benefits

  • 2 hp electric motor for low power consumption
  • Direct drive gearbox for low maintenance
  • Dual air bag system improves dry matter results
  • CIP spray bars ensure effective cleaning
  • Sloped effluent tank w/ 6” outlet designed for most optimal liquid discharge
  • Adjustable UHMW discharge scraper for effective solids capture
  • Remote grease fittings for convenient and safe maintenance
  • Drive guards ensure safety & positive containment
  • Heavy duty oversized bearings improve equipment lifespan
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